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Services » Labour and Employment Arbitration

When an Employer is unionized, Union or Employer grievances are always heard by an arbitrator. In disputes where arbitration is not mandatory, both sides may agree to hire an arbitrator for the following reasons:

  1. Court will be more expensive for both sides
  2. An arbitrator can hear a case within a few months whereas it frequently takes years for a case to go to court
  3. An arbitrator can spend 7-8 hours per day on a case whereas a court will only spend 5 (due to several mandatory breaks), so the case proceeds at a faster rate
  4. The arbitrator will determine a schedule based on both parties’ availability, rather than both parties being forced to work around the Court’s availability
  5. Both parties can agree on and choose an arbitrator, rather than having the judge chosen for them
  6. Arbitration enables the parties to avoid lengthy and expensive procedural requirements


However, arbitration also offers some disadvantages and may not be beneficial to the client in every case. In cases where arbitrations are not mandatory, but are in fact optional, we offer our clients the necessary advice and weigh all the possible options so that the client can decide whether they would like their case heard by an arbitrator. Our understanding of our clients’ goals and of the legal system enables us to advise our clients if their interests will be better served by the public Courts/ Tribunals or by a private arbitration.


From making strategic decisions, to preparing the case and presenting it, we are there for our clients every step of the way.


We have significant experience in labour and employment arbitrations and are able to use this to our client’s advantage. We are highly familiar not only with labour and employment law and litigation techniques, but also with individual arbitrators and their approaches. A decent litigator understands how to present their client’s case; an excellent litigator understands how the decider will approach rendering a decision on their client’s case. We offer our clients a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to labour and employment arbitrations. From making strategic decisions, to preparing the case and presenting it, we are there for our clients every step of the way. Our number one goal is our clients’ success and we are able to use our knowledge, our experience and our strategies to help our clients achieve first class results.