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Hospitals, Long Term Care Institutions and CSSS are confronted with an increasingly difficult position. The population is aging and the demand for their services is constantly increasing. As a result, Healthcare Institutions and Social Services Establishments are being expected to provide more services. Yet, they are being given a diminished budget to accomplish these goals. The government is constantly looking to slash healthcare and social services budgets and yet the demand for their services keeps increasing, inflation is persisting, and Employees and Unions are still demanding raises. The reality is that Healthcare and Social Services Establishments are facing a situation where even more will be demanded of them and even less budget will be given to them to accomplish it.

Unfortunately, administrative budgets and HR departments often face very severe cuts to their budget. Your HR Department cannot do without labour and employment legal services. Yet, you cannot afford to be spending money unnecessarily and need to constantly look for ways in which you can save on your budget. OLS offers a solution to these problems.

OLS has significant experience representing hospitals and we are highly experienced in dealing within the Health and Social Services ‘reseau.’ OLS offers your HR Department excellent labour and employment legal services based on our experience and our expertise. As a boutique law firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide these high quality services at a cost that is highly efficient and reasonable. We understand the difficult budget situation that your HR Departments are facing and will continue to face. OLS also offers a unique service based upon helping your HR Department develop a strategy to maximize your budget or adjust to budget cuts, without having to sacrifice on their performance.


OLS’s proactive legal solutions include:

– Minimizing workplace injury claims
– Minimizing absent employees
– Cutting CSST costs
– Negotiating with unions
– Advising you on dealing with employees (this includes how to recognize potential employee situations as well as how to deal with employees once a problem has developed)
– Procedures for disciplining or dismissing employees
– Mediations and arbitrations with unions and/or employees
– Investigating claims of sexual or psychological harassment
– Defending and validating your decisions in mediation, arbitration and court
– Helping HR Departments cut their legal costs
– Helping HR Departments adjust to Budget Cuts

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