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HR Directors are asked to accomplish the impossible. Amongst many other expectations, they are expected to keep track of the endless and ever-changing government regulations and programs, manage the staff, negotiate with unions, contest grievances, ensure discipline in the workplace, and deal with workplace injury claims. The sum of all that’s expected of an HR Director can be challenging and exhausting. No HR Director can accomplish all that is expected of them alone. When legal issues need to be considered or dealt with, HR directors sometimes need to seek out the services of a labour and employment lawyer. It’s important that a labour lawyer be of the greatest possible benefit and help to an HR Director.


HR Directors should obtain services which are reliable, efficient, clear and beneficial to them. Legal services should make an HR director’s hectic work schedule easier and should significantly help the HR Director accomplish their tasks. The cost burden of legal services should not be overwhelming and should not wreak havoc on an HR director’s budget. HR Directors should be able to seek out legal advice or services whenever they are needed, without having to face exorbitant costs. Legal services should be based on an HR Director’s specific needs and problems, so that an HR Director can efficiently obtain the best possible results based on his or her own objectives.


At OLS, we aim to provide legal services which are excellent and efficient. We aim to help HR directors achieve all that they intend. Whether by providing strategic advice with regards to a problem or legal services with regards to Employee/union negotiations, claims or grievances, we aim to propel our clients forward.


In order to provide the best possible legal advice and services, our objective is to understand HR Directors’ and Departments’ specific needs and goals. Our experience is that every HR Director and every employer has specific goals, needs, strengths and challenges to face. Our objective is to provide advice that is customized and ideal for the specific HR Director or Employer. We believe that HR Directors should always have quick and easy access to a lawyer who is familiar with their specific file, their specific goals and their specific issues and requirements. Regardless of whether the client is a small, large or medium client, we believe that every employer and HR Director is entitled to the highest standard of reliable advice and excellent services. As a result, we ensure that whenever an HR Director calls our office for advice or legal services, they will have access to a lawyer who is intimately familiar with their file. We will never pawn off anybody’s file or legal issues onto someone who is unfamiliar with either the client or the file. We do not believe in shuffling files between dozens of lawyers in the same office or doubling the work done in the file. We do not believe in providing advice or services if we do not feel that they will benefit the client or if we feel the cost would be disproportionate to the value. Our view is that doing so is unnecessary, inefficient and offers no benefit the client. Our objective is to ensure that the advice and services we provide enable Human Resource Directors and Human Resources Department to thrive and to attain their goals. Our approach is designed to ensure that our advice and services will best enable them to accomplish all that they seek to achieve.

OLS proactive legal solutions include:

-Building contracts with Employees and Unions
– Minimizing workplace injury claims
– Minimizing employee absenteeism
– Cutting CSST costs through negotiation and litigation
– Negotiating with unions
– Advising you on dealing with problematic employees (this includes how to recognize potential employee problems as well as how to deal with employees once they have become a problem)
– Procedures for disciplining or dismissing employees
– Writing handbooks, rulebooks and Employee job descriptions
– Mediations and arbitrations with unions
– Investigating claims of sexual or psychological harassment
– Dealing with non-competition and non-solicitation issues
– Executive Dismissal
– Helping you with lay-offs and outsourcing
– Defending and validating your decisions in mediation, arbitration and court

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