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Labour and Employment problems can have extreme effects on your medium sized business. They can be very expensive, take very long to resolve, harm productivity and cause a significant amount of stress. In order to avoid and prevent these troublesome effects, your businesses need labour solutions which are personalized to your goals, your organizational structure and the problems you are facing. Labour solutions help your business avoid significant expenses and difficulties, while also helping your business improve its performance and maximize its productivity. We offer services which not only solve your business’s current labour problems, but which aim to discover the cause of those problems so that your business can avoid as many problems as possible in the future.
Rather than simply provide advice on labour law, our approach as a law firm is to first and foremost understand your objectives; we then use our experience and knowledge of labour law to help you to develop an efficient way to achieve those goals. It is difficult for a Medium Business to get top-notch and efficient legal advice that they can rely on. Your business is often treated as though you are not a priority because you are not a large company and often do not require a significant volume of legal services. OLS believes that you should get top-notch services which provide efficient solutions to your problems and efficient ways to help you achieve your goals.


Our services include:

– Building Contracts
– Minimizing workplace injury claims
– Minimizing employee absences
– Minimizing workplace safety insurance costs
– Negotiating with the Union
– Advising you on dealing with employees (this includes how to recognize potential employee problems as well as how to deal with employees once they have become a problem)
– Procedures for disciplining or dismissing employees
– Dealing with non-competition and non-solicitation issues
– Defending and validating your decisions in mediation, arbitration and court.

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