Labour and Employment Issues for Non Profit Organizations in Quebec

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Non-profit organizations fulfill an invaluable role in society. The excellent work that you do contributes immeasurably to the development and advancement of society and people in a variety of ways. However, your non-profit organization faces the harsh reality that you cannot accomplish the excellent work that you do without incurring administration costs and without funding. Funding is often tenuous, particularly given the shocking financial difficulties seen in recent years. Administration costs, labour costs in particular, can prove crippling. While any excessive and avoidable costs take away from the efficiency of any organization and its ability to accomplish its objectives, this is particularly true of your non-profit organization.

Your non-profit is always at a very high risk of losing funding and being underfunded; you simply cannot afford to be wasting money on costs that are avoidable and excessive. When you do, the work you are attempting to do suffers and future donations are jeopardized. Donors do not want to give money to organizations which cannot control their administration costs. Given our significant experience in dealing with both non-profits and labour law, OLS are able to offer unique services which help your organization control their labour expenses and maintain their credibility with current and potential donors.


Our services include:

– Minimizing workplace injury claims
– Minimizing absentee employees
– Cutting CSST costs
– Negotiating with unions
– Advising you on dealing with employees (this includes how to recognize potential employee problems as well as how to deal with employees once they have become a problem)
– Procedures for disciplining or dismissing employees
– Mediations and arbitrations with unions
– Investigating claims of sexual or psychological harassment
– Helping you implement programs
– Defending and validating your decisions in mediation, arbitration and court.

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