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When a professional seeks out professional advice from a lawyer or refers a client to another lawyer, they should be able to rely on the quality of the services they are receiving. Whether it’s a quick question or a lengthy one, a professional will often give their clients advice based on a question they have asked us. At OLS, we take that extremely seriously.

When another professional seeks us out or refers a client to us, they are placing a significant trust in us. A client’s opinion of their professional will often be significantly affected by the performance of the lawyer that the professional recommended. When a lawyer who was recommended performs extremely well, it is an excellent reflection on the person who suggested the referral. The referral will have the effect of appreciation from both the client and the lawyer who was recommended. However, when a referred lawyer performs badly, it is a poor reflection on the professional who suggested the referral. The client is likely to be extremely unhappy and the relationship or credibility of the professional who made the referral may be damaged as a result.

At OLS, we recognize how serious and delicate professional referrals are. Whether we are referring our clients to another professional or being referred, we aim to provide services of the highest quality. We recognize the impact and importance that the quality of our services have on our clients and the professionals who recommended us. We take that obligation extremely seriously. We ensure that the advice we provide is clear, accurate and reliable. Our commitment as experts in labour and employment law is to do an excellent job for our clients.

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