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Your small business is incredibly valuable to the economy, but you also face significant challenges. In whatever markets your small business operates, you are often competing against larger and more established competitors. As a result, there is little room for mistakes. It is because of this narrow margin for error that your small businesses simply cannot afford to have absent or poorly performing employees.
Small businesses need a smooth, efficient, consistent and reliable operation. As a result, labour and employment problems can cause a significant problem for your small business. When Employees do not perform, or if a key Employee disappears and begins to work for your major competitor, your business can be severely hampered. At OLS, we understand the needs of small businesses like yours and we understand just how important it is for your business to have potential labour and employment problems prevented. We are also pride ourselves on our ability to develop efficient solutions for the problems that you may already be facing.


OLS’s legal solutions include the following:

– Building and negotiating contracts
– Informing you about relevant aspects of employment law
– Effective discipline procedures (for both absentee and substandard employees)
– Negotiating with difficult or problematic employees
– Dealing with non-competition and non-solicitation issues
– Assisting you in dismissing improperly performing employees
– Validating and defending your decisions in front of a mediator, arbitrator or court if you are sued

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