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Jérémy H. Little


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Jérémy H. Little

A natural entrepreneur, Jérémy is innovative and pragmatic.  Prior to becoming an attorney, he worked in the firm as a researcher and consultant for eight years.  Jérémy has held multiple conferences on risk management, dispute prevention, and reasonable accommodation.  He has significant experience in the areas of labour and employment, estates, litigation, and business law.  He is extremely versatile and is compelling in both negotiation and litigation.

Jérémy prides himself on not only having an excellent knowledge of the law but on actively listening to his client’s in order to understand their goals.  He understands that each client is unique and that each person looks at a situation differently.  He firmly believes that it is through understanding a client’s concerns and personality that he can best help them obtain the result they are seeking.

In addition to his previous work as a researcher and consultant, Jérémy has served on a number of Boards of Directors.  Furthermore, while attending Université de Montréal, he served as president of the International Business Committee.




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Jérémy H. Little
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Senior Partner of Orenstein & Associates/OLS
Orenstein & Associates/OLS
2015 Peel St Suite 950,
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1T8