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Susan Orenstein Little


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Susan Orenstein Little

Susan Orenstein Little is the senior partner of Orenstein & Associates/OLS. Susan has a passion for helping clients make the best possible strategic decisions in any given situation. Susan’s advice combines her exceptional ability to understand her clients, her expert knowledge of the law and her ability to predict her opponent’s approach.  Susan is consistently able to help her clients identify solutions which are the best and the least costly for them.

Her skill, her experience and her instinct enable her to advise clients when it’s best to push forward and litigate versus when it’s best to negotiate and settle. Her creativity enables her to find a winning angle for clients, even when their situation appears dismal.  Her determination and sense of follow through enable her to ensure that opportunities turn into excellent results. Throughout her career, Susan has had the opportunity to provide exceptional services for her clients in different ways. She is a distinguished advisor, mediator/negotiator, and litigator.

Throughout her career, Susan has distinguished herself in the areas of labour, litigation, estates, business, and alternate dispute resolution.

As an advisor, Susan has sat on several corporate and non-profit boards.  Her experience enables her to provide her clients with a unique perspective on strategic thinking, financial planning and management of corporations and non-profits.  She has provided legal and strategic advice on several major and complex corporate transactions.

Within Estates, Susan has served with distinction as an executor, liquidator, and trustee in a number of complex Estates and Trusts.  She has also assisted many clients with succession planning by helping them put practical strategies in place to help them protect their assets and prevent disputes from occurring after their death.  She has also served as an advisor and mediator in numerous successions disputes.

Susan has also mediated and negotiated several complex litigations and several complex employment and collective agreements.  She is experienced not only with obtaining excellent results for her clients, but also in helping opposing parties find common ground, even when it appears virtually impossible.  Susan is a certified mediator and she has served on several arbitration panels.

Susan has a passion for litigation.  She has achieved first-rate results for her clients throughout her career in CSST litigation, labour arbitrations, labour and employment litigation, civil litigation, and estates and successions litigation.  Susan enjoys taking on even the most complex and challenging of cases and has set several significant precedents.

Susan has also been frequently published and featured in the National Post, one of Canada’s most distinguished newspapers.



B.C.L (1976)   L.L.B (1977)


Professional memberships

Quebec Bar (1980)
Ontario Bar (1979)


Distinction professionnel

Governor of The Foundation of The Quebec Bar (2000)


To contact Susan Orenstein Little

514-600-6526 x 211

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Susan Orenstein Little
Job Title
Senior Partner of Orenstein & Associates/OLS
Orenstein & Associates/OLS
2015 Peel St Suite 950,
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1T8

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