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OLS is a boutique Montreal employment law firm with expert Labour Lawyers. For over 75 years, we have specialized in labour and employment law, developing innovative solutions for each of our clients’ unique situations, around Montreal. Our areas of specialty include executive terminations, constructive dismissal, and severance negotiations. Our proactive and practical approach focuses on obtaining the best results for our clients, through strategy and analysis.  We turn problems into plans, and plans into results.

 We have decades of experience spanning thousands of files on both the executives’ and employers’ sides. While this experience helps us determine how to get the most optimal results on a case-by-case basis, it also means that our clients benefit from our reputation. We are renowned experts in employment law, and that, in and of itself, a significant factor in negotiations and getting results.

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Executives and managers are highly trusted and valued employees. Our Labor Lawyers  represent executives in many sectors, with independence, integrity & practicality. We always represent our client’s best interests.
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If there is a problem you should always contact a local employment or Labor lawyer quickly; we will never tell you that you have a case if you don’t, but you can extinguish your rights through inaction. You can also look at our Pocket Survival Guides for basic guidelines on what to do and what not to do when problems arise.


Employers have the difficult task of balancing labour, employment & fiscal needs. Our experts can help every type of employer with a range of employment needs from collective bargaining to labour restructuring.
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Collective bargaining , labour restructuring discipline employee guidelines CNESST/CSST

Our Approach

Best practices, best lawyers.

A t OLS we focus on the practical: what is the best solution for you. We are a results-oriented firm who combine pragmatism and experience with honesty and independence. These are the values we cherish.

Each relationship begins with a ruthlessly honest assessment. We will never tell you that you have a case if you don’t: that’s a waste of your time and ours. We will also never betray a client to build future relationships. Our clients are our clients, and we pursue their interests alone.

When you put your trust in us, we put our trust in you. If you have a case, we will build a path forward for you. We will deal with the intricacies and the headaches. We will put all our resources and expertise into obtaining the best result possible for you. That is who we are.  That is what we stand for.


Whether you are uncertain about your situation, general legal concepts, or what to bring to your first meeting, our FAQ pages are a one-shop stop for answers.

What information should I submit in the contact form or over the phone?

You should let our Labor Lawyers team know who you are (name, position, name of business), who you are contacting us for (yourself, your business, or on behalf of someone else), why you are contacting us/the nature of your problem. Provide any other details you think are necessary to explain. As executives and managers you should also make sure to tell us: your position title, your current salary, how long you have been employed there, the name of your employer, and whether you were recruited. If you are uncertain, here is a list of things you should include.

 If you are an executive or administrator at a school, please tell us the name of the school before giving us any other information including your name. We represent a number of schools in Montreal, and we do not want you to give us any information if we are already representing your employer. If you are an executive who thinks we might be representing your employer, you should do the same.