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You are looking for a law firm specializing in labour law in La Vallée-Du-Richelieu. Our OLS firm is the structure best placed to satisfy you, because it has to its credit more than 7 decades of experience in this field. This is the place to learn more about our dismissal, age discrimination and harassment services.

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Dismissal of senior management in La Vallée-Du-Richelieu

It must be admitted that the dismissal of an executive is a very complex situation and involves many issues. We must first talk about the reputation that will surely receive a blow. There is also the issue of finding another job with fair treatment. Indeed, when an employee in a position of high responsibility is fired, here’s what they need to do.

First, you need to contact a lawyer who specializes in labor law. This is the most ideal and prudent way to maintain your rights and promote your interests. This specialist knows the delicacy of labour law in Quebec. Then, you start negotiations in order to benefit from everything that is rightfully yours. If you live in La Vallée-Du-Richelieu, you can contact the OLS law firm. We are the best at labour and employment law in this city and its surroundings. Give us important information like how you were fired and how much time you spent working in the company. And our staff takes care of everything.

Constructive dismissal in La Vallée-Du-Richelieu

Constructive dismissal is an act that brings a lot of benefits to employers if they do not get unmasked. In reality, this act consists of dismissing an employee in a hidden way. This will cause the executive to resign on his own without obtaining compensation.

Legally, constructive dismissal is considered a single arbitrary act of the employer that violates an essential clause of the employee’s employment contract. Several warning signs make it possible to know if one is in a case of constructive dismissal:

  • Salary reduction;
  • Bonus plan modification;
  • Decrease in title…

Since you have a very short deadline to claim your rights, contact our team. You are guaranteed to be well supported legally.

Wrongful dismissal in La Vallée-Du-Richelieu

Wrongful dismissal is the act of dismissing an employee without just cause with legitimate reasons. In practical terms, we speak of wrongful dismissal when an officer has been hired for a position, and then in a second step, he is notified that this position had been postponed or eliminated. Also, there is a question of wrongful dismissal if a manager is dismissed for a legitimate legal reason that is not true in fact. The employer most often makes use of false accusations, etc. In Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Belœil or Saint-Jean-Baptiste, the workers who were victims of this type of situation were successful thanks to our know-how.

Age discrimination

Age discrimination in a company is the negative treatment of an employee because of his or her age. In other words, it is treating a worker in a way that is contrary to human rights laws because he or she is of a certain age. While this type of discrimination is not often perceived as a form of discrimination as important as other types of injustice, be aware that it has the same consequences.

In terms of employment rights, discrimination based on age may be one of the factors in constructive dismissal. So this act can lead to isolation or harassment to ultimately lead to forced exit or dismissal. As a result, it is important to start the necessary steps quickly when you find yourself in the case of age discrimination.

To do this, it is best to contact our OLS firm present in La Vallée-Du-Richelieu.

Harassment in La Vallée-Du-Richelieu

In a legal sense, harassment is inappropriate behaviour by a person or group of individuals towards a third party in a workplace. It comes in several forms namely:

  • Psychological;
  • Physics;
  • Sexual;
  • Verbal.

There are a thousand and one ways to make harassment painful for normal employees and even for executives or managers. Be aware that harassment is one of the plans to force some employees to leave their positions and leave without getting any compensation. So, if you are or have been a victim of harassment in La Vallée-Du-Richelieu, you must immediately take the right measures to find a better solution. So what to do concretely? Get in touch with us professionals in the field of employment law.