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In Gatineau, employees of all ranks are subjected to various treatments that are contrary to Labour and Employment Law in Canada. This is the case with dismissal, discrimination and harassment. And when that happens, the law firm you can count on is OLS.

Labour and Employment Lawyers in Gatineau .Dismissal of senior management in Aylmer (Gatineau)

The dismissal of executives is the premature termination of the employment contract of an executive of a company. A senior executive of the company is an executive or manager who occupies an important place in the management of the major functions of the company. The latter is one of the entity’s trusted persons.

The dismissal of such a person has consequences.

In addition, the dismissal of an executive entails very high stakes. You are forced to lose your reputation, to embark on the quest for another job. However, you have the right to fair treatment. That’s why our law firm helps you. We are the best company close to you for the execution of this mission.

Constructive dismissal in Mont-Bleu (Gatineau)

Constructive dismissal is a form of unofficial dismissal. This is a way for the employer to dismiss his employee without clearly notifying him by removing him from certain missions. This is a trick used by some employers in Manoir des Trembles (Gatineau) to avoid severance pay to the employee.

When you feel a constructive dismissal coming, contact our law firm specializing in labor law. Keep in mind that removing an employee is often complex and you also have a relatively short time to claim.

In this case, you have rights and you must therefore use a law firm specializing in labor law like ours. Indeed, the help of our firm is necessary, because the conditions of a constructive dismissal evolve according to the case. We have already encountered several cases in Pierrefonds, in the Latin Quarter… And we are better off at helping you. Just contact us!

Wrongful dismissal in Lac-des-Fées (Gatineau)

Wrongful dismissal results in a permanent layoff without just cause. When your employer dismisses you, the employer must be able to tell you the reasons for this act. The possible cases are such that you can be dismissed for a false accusation, an illegal reason or for no reason outright.

Notwithstanding your dismissal situation, you have rights that you can claim. This is the reason for the existence of our OLS law firm in Côte-d’Azur (Gatineau). We intervene to help you make a legal claim. Our dismissal experts are ready to accompany you to help you get out of this situation. We are able to help you obtain financial compensation or fair severance pay from your employer.

Age discrimination Bassin-du-Lièvre (Gatineau)

Agediscrimination is a fact that creates a preference based on your age. You are sidelined because of your age. This may extend to harassment or dismissal on the grounds of your age. This fact does not meet any legal standard.

We can easily illustrate age discrimination in several ways. For example, for an elderly person, we may want to force him to retire earlier. Some people may not be hired because of their youth or age that is too old. It is in order to combat this fact in Gatineau that our law firm is here.

Age discrimination is not explicitly stated. For this purpose, it is in your interest to know all its manifestations. First you may be under pressure to resign from your position. It is a forced resignation that will be initiated by your superiors. Then you can be marginalized at work. Finally, you can see your position removed within the company.

Our firm is ready to accompany you, study your situation and give you the action plan for a victory over the employer. Don’t waste any more time before contacting us.

Harassment in Gatineau

In labour law, harassment is defined as exaggerated and embarrassing behaviour by a person or group of persons towards one or more persons at their workplace. This behaviour manifests itself in backbiting towards the latter, regular reprisals, verbal or physical violence and/or threats. Several types of harassment can be distinguished for this purpose. We are talking about sexual harassment, physical harassment or psychological harassment.

When you are a victim of this fact, the solution for you is to contact our firm. With experienced lawyers in Gatineau, we will be able to get you out of such a situation.