Our Approach


OLS is completely independent and uninfluenced by the size or stature of the other side. We will not preserve or develop future business opportunities at the expense of current clients. Whether the other side is a Fortune 500 Company or a Machinist’s Union, we represent your interests and yours alone.


OLS values honesty and directness. That means we will always give you an honest assessment and tell you what you need to hear – even if it’s not what you want. We do not take cases (or clients) unless we believe the client can gain more than they will pay. We want our clients to be satisfied.


Every file begins with an assessment: if we do not believe we can be of assistance or we believe you will likely pay us more than you could get back, we will not accept your file unless you have an extremely compelling reason for us to do otherwise. While no legal firm can guarantee results 100% of the time, we negotiate wherever possible in order to get you a guaranteed result, and we work with you to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, since OLS is a firm of highly specialized professionals, we make sure that the person handling your file is the best person for the job.


OLS is a boutique law firm that has had lawyers specialized in labour and employment law for over 40 years. All of our lawyers cover different areas of expertise and this is what we do. We know the in’s & out’s, the practicalities of how everything operates, the law & jurisprudence and, most importantly, all the little details that can change circumstances dramatically. At OLS we believe that quality matters, and we have the experience & expertise to deliver superior quality service.


We are a results-oriented firm. Anything can happen in litigation so, wherever possible, we strategically negotiate to get you a guaranteed good result. In most circumstances, this is the most practical, efficient & effective option. However, when we cannot bring both parties to agreement, we litigate on our clients’ behalf with over 40 years of specialized Quebec labour & employment legal expertise. We diligently work with our clients to prevent problems as well as on how to diffuse them. We always work with you to facilitate your goals.