Labour Lawyers Sherbrooke

Experience and expertise make a big difference in labour law, as a small detail can tip the scales in your favour. How to protect yourself against unfair or disguised dismissals, to negotiate your compensation rights? In Sherbrooke, our law firm OLS, specializing in labour and employment law, has been developing innovative solutions for more than 75 years to avoid being a victim of abuse.

OLS, a leading Employment firm in labour law in Sherbrooke

In Sherbrooke, there is no shortage of conflicts in the professional environment despite its remarkable quality of life. For this reason, preserving your well-being as an employee requires the assistance, advice and follow-up services of a qualified and experienced labour lawyer.

Our Montreal labour law firm, OLS, a specialist in labour and employment law, has been relieving corporate employees for 3/4 of a century, through the personalized management of each unique situation of our clients.

Present in Montreal, Laval and the West Island, our areas of specialization incorporate the cases of:

    • dismissals of senior managers,
    • constructive or unjustified dismissal,
    • age discrimination or harassment,
    • negotiations on severance pay.

Proactivity and practical experience are concentrated with us to obtain better benefits in favor of our customers. Through a strategic approach, methodical analysis and the mastered art of negotiations, we transform problems into plans and plans into results.

Executive layoff in Sherbrooke

Whatever your sector, dismissal can occur at any time in a constantly changing world of work and a sensitive economic context. As a senior executive, the rules for dismissal of senior management apply to you. In Rock Forest (Sherbrooke) as everywhere else, contacting a law firm specializing in labour law is the first reflex to have when you face a dismissal situation.

At OLS, we fully assess the issues related to your level of responsibility in order to defend your right to employment, your reputation, and to avoid any constructive dismissal or wrongful dismissal. We make sure to assert your claims for severance pay to ensure that you are treated fairly.

Constructive dismissal in Sherbrooke:

When you appear to be under constructive dismissal, our law firm in Brompton, or In Deauville (Sherbrooke), OLS, exploits all the prerogatives valid in labour law. We ensure that you receive adequate compensation provided that you request us in time.

Report unfair wage reductions, harmful working conditions that negatively modify the terms of your contract as soon as possible, in order to enjoy the best starting conditions with our expertise.

Wrongful dismissal at Ascot (Sherbrooke)

Benefit from the best advice in Sherbrooke with our law firm of OLS experts, accustomed to dealing with cases of false accusation, forced resignation related to wrongful dismissal.

Once contacted, we make sure to respect the deadlines in force for the validation of a legal claim, and analyze the legitimacy of your dismissal in a unique way so that you receive the best financial compensation from your employer on your conditions of departure.

Age discrimination in Sherbrooke

In the particular event that you are dismissed by the fact of discrimination based on age, our lawyers in Val-du-Lac, Petit-Lac-Magog… highlight evidence of preference based on this criterion or that you are marginalized at work.
Through a precise plan and a mastered analysis, we will expose the potential distinctions made against older managers and their detrimental effect on their employment.

Harassment in Sherbrooke

Do not let harassment jeopardize your quality of life in Sherbrooke thanks to our ols law firm, an expert in labour law and employment rights. Report to us any attempt or situation of intimidation, threat, or inappropriate behavior, inappropriate behavior towards your person by your superiors or colleagues, especially in your workplace.
If you are a victim of psychological, verbal, sexual or physical harassment, a false complaint from an employee or senior manager, react as soon as possible by consulting us. We defend the reputation of the accused to limit the long-term impact on your health and career.
With our firm, you are entitled to the accompaniment of an expert legal lawyer to benefit from any compensation due to you.