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In Lanaudière, the climate between employer and employee is not always good. For one reason or another, the worker, regardless of rank, may be dismissed. Or, they may experience age discrimination or harassment of any kind. In all cases, the intervention of a law firm in employment law is crucial. It is precisely this service that the OLS firm offers you in this city.

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Dismissal of senior management in Lanaudière

The dismissal of an executive in a company is different from that of an ordinary employee. Indeed, the latter have a higher degree of responsibility than any other employee. To this extent, the consequences of the dismissal of executives in a company can be complex.

To react well to a dismissal case, you must trust an employment lawyer. In Lanaudière, we are the best to help you. Indeed, this approach will allow you to claim your rights, regardless of the outcome of the dismissal. It should be noted that the laws governing labour law are very delicate. So, by using us, you can be sure that you are getting fair justice, such as severance pay. Better, you can find another job thanks to the intervention of your former employer. All this is only possible through our experience in this environment.

Constructive dismissal in Lanaudière

Constructive dismissal is a dismissal that takes place in secret. In reality, firing or firing an employee exposes employers to legal remedies. To avoid this, they prefer to opt for a constructive dismissal without the employee not realizing that he has been dismissed. Most often, employees arrange for the dismissal to leave the employee who is the victim, without compensation. Thus, only employers enjoy the benefits of disguised dismissal. They keep their money, while dismissed employees leave empty-handed.

In addition, it should be noted that the law considers disguised dismissal to be illegal. This means that constructive dismissal gives you rights as a victim. Another important implication of this type of dismissal that you need to know is that it has an extremely short time frame.

This means that if you do not attempt a claim within a short period of time, you may not benefit from your rights. It is also because of the delicacy of this dismissal that it is advisable to resort to our law firm which works professionally in Lanaudière.

Wrongful dismissal in Lanaudière

Wrongful dismissal occurs when you have been dismissed for a legitimate reason that is unfounded. However, it should be noted that there are different forms of wrongful dismissal. Thus, when you have been forced or forced to resign, without it being official, it is a case of wrongful dismissal. It is also this form of dismissal that is called constructive dismissal. Several circumstances can serve as a basis for wrongful dismissal. This may include:
False accusations;
Discrimination, etc.

To help you, you can seek the help of a law firm that is experts in employment law such as OLS. We are the best to help you in Lanaudière.

Age discrimination in Lanaudière

Agediscrimination is one of the circumstances of unjustified dismissal. It manifests itself in different ways and is often noticed in administrations. Experiencing age discrimination can prevent you from properly enjoying your rights as an employee. It is most often experienced by the elderly. Some employers claim that these seniors do not have a modern view of things and that their way of operating is not innovative. This state of affairs is not lacking in businesses in Lanaudière. The leaders thus push the victims to leave. If you are in such situations, trust our firm to do justice.

Harassment in Lanaudière

Harassmentis an offence that a group of individuals directs at another person in the workplace. It can look like persecution. It can also manifest itself in other forms such as:

  • Aggressive comments;
  • Humiliating displays;
  • Acts of intimidation;
  • Threats, etc.

It should be noted, however, that this phenomenon does not only take a physical form. It can also be verbal, psychological or sexual.
Being harassed in the workplace is not an easy thing to bear. This can create some discomfort and prevent you from working properly.
You must act in order to obtain redress. Thus, whether your employer is in the lot of those who harass you or not, you must take the necessary measures. The first thing to do when you are a victim of harassment is to contact a law firm. In Lanaudière, we are the best to help you. With lawyers experienced in labour law, you will be able to obtain legal advice as the process to adopt to obtain redress following harassment.