Education Sector

OLS has represented many in the education sector. However, depending on what type of client you are, your needs will differ.

Schools & School Boards

Schools & schoolboards walk a very tight rope. They are providing a service to students, but they still need to run their schools in many ways like a business. Accordingly, budgets must be very strict and excess cost should be avoided wherever possible.

We have helped schools with many labour and employment matters, from labour restructuring to collective agreement bargaining to litigation. There are many services we offer to schools and school boards, including:
Union negotiations
● Drafting collective agreements
Employee dismissal
Severance pay negotiations
Employee disciplinary negotiations
Labour restructuring
● Creating and enforcing clear employment guidelines
Investigating harassment claims
● Advising you on how to interact with employees in order to prevent (or deal with) problems

School Executives and Administrators

School administrators can have a very tough time dealing with school boards or administration, particularly once they have been dismissed. In many places, you may be represented by a union but that is not always the case and, where people feel it warranted, you can hire an outside lawyer.

 The most important thing to remember when first contacting us is that we also represent several schools. When contacting us, always make sure to mention your school and school board first before mentioning your name or situation. That way, if there is a conflict of interest because we already represent your current or former employer, you have not accidentally given away any information.

 We have helped schools executives and administrators before, just as we have helped other executives. The services we offer that would be most relevant to school executives and administrators are: