Executives and Managers

Executives and managers are trusted and highly valued workers. Such positions mean that you have to evaluate situations quickly and carefully. You have to use your experience and expertise. It’s just the same when you run into employment trouble: experience and expertise are your strongest allies.

Termination of Employment

No matter how amicable or acrimonious the circumstances, being dismissed is a terrible experience. Whether you are constructively dismissed, wrongfully dismissed, soon-to-be dismissed, or otherwise, the key to minimizing your stress and strengthening your position is get expert advice ASAP.

 Dismissal is one of those legal areas where if you know or even suspect that something is wrong it is best not to wait before contacting a lawyer. Constructive dismissal has incredibly short delays before your rights are extinguished and you no longer have a case. If you have not been dismissed yet (there are signs that a dismissal may be coming), there may be some things your lawyer can advise you to do that will strengthen your position. If you have been dismissed, an experienced employment lawyer can make sure your severance offer is fair before you sign anything.

 It is also very important to be practical. This is admittedly easier said than done. The entire process of dismissal can be highly emotional and/or stressful. This is one of the other reasons why it’s important to have an employment attorney in your corner. Our lawyers can keep a clear head and think logically about specifics. They also know all the ins and outs of both the business and legal standpoints. This minimizes your stress, as our employment lawyers can clearly explain what is going on and what your best path forward is. The most practical solution is often negotiation. This lowers your out-of-pocket costs, takes less time, and, when successful, prevents the stress and uncertainty that inevitably accompanies the lengthy process of litigation.


Harassment is probably one of the most stressful situations an executive or manager can undergo. Whether you are being harassed, witnessed harassment, or been otherwise impacted by harassment, the experience is damaging. Harassment is often especially damaging not just because of the harassment itself but because of the accompanying fear that reporting it or fighting it can gain you a reputation as “difficult”. People often worry that it will prevent promotions or make it more difficult to find a new job. However, regardless of whether the harassment is verbal, psychological, physical or sexual, it is unacceptable and not a situation that should be tolerated. If you are experiencing this it is important for you to get expert advice from employment attorneys, so that you can move forward with your life and your career. It does not have to define you.

 Similarly, false harassment claims should not be tolerated. First, they can impact someone’s reputation and career long term so it’s a cruel act. Second, it is also a particularly thoughtless thing to do because it delegitimizes genuine harassment claims and makes it that much harder both to prove them and to get people to believe the harassment exists.

 Everyone has a right to a life and a workplace free from abuse. These are not rights that you can contract out of. These are not rights that need to be explicitly provided. These are your inherent rights. Our lawyers can help you protect your rights and your reputations and help you with solutions.

Age Discrimination

Age discrimination can accompany other employment problems, such as harassment or constructive dismissal, but it is a separate issue.

 There is a growing trend towards employers nudging older people out of their hard earned positions. It’s a galling thing to witness. Employers and other workers can sometimes assume that due to your age, you cannot adapt to current technologies and/or changes in culture and preemptively push you to the side. Sometimes the goal of age discrimination is to pressure you to quit, sometimes it’s just thoughtless, but either way it’s inappropriate. People should value your experience and expertise, not push you out because of assumptions.

 Some employers employ these tactics not because they believe that their older workers are incapable, but because they believe that they can contract a younger, less experienced, and more desperate employee for far less money or that they can convince you to take a backseat for less money. Quebec is the most protective and proactive province regarding employee rights, yet unfortunately these ruthless practices still go on. In cases such as these everyone loses: no one is paid what they are worth.

 Age discrimination goes on especially frequently. It is also why you should get advice from an expert employment lawyer who specializes in age discrimination and its’ associated employment problems. You shouldn’t have to tolerate this behaviour, and an employment lawyer can give you a pragmatic assessment on what, if anything, can be done.

OLS Expert Employment Lawyers

You should always contact an employment attorney when you first begin to suspect something is wrong. There are many areas where if you delay, you may lose your rights and your case before you even begin. The best solution is to go directly to an expert who can give you a quick and brutally honest assessment. At OLS you lose nothing by contacting us: if you don’t have a case we will always tell you. We do not believe in wasting your time or ours.