Optimization of Labour and Employment Relations

Labour and Employment Check-ups

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That statement is just as true for employment law today as it was for fire safety back in 1735. Many expensive employment problems are not just foreseeable but preventable.  However, in order to prevent problems you must first identify the actions which give rise to these problems. That is where labour and employment check-ups come into play.

 OLS provides a general labour check-up service. The focus of this service is not to suggest a complete labour restructuring or overhaul, but to look at your current way of doing things and advise you of any significant employment problems that may not be easily evident to you. As a specialized labour law firm, we have seen pretty much every variation of employment problem there is, so even a quick check-up could provide you with important information. This service also can involve giving a general overview of solutions to the problems we’ve identified as well as what those solutions could potentially cost you to implement.

 The idea behind this service is to provide employers with the valuable advice they may need, without employers needing to overcommit or engage in more extensive services than they require. A labour and employment check-up is geared towards your needs as an employer and can be either more general or more extensive. These check-ups are not expected to find every potential problem, however the overall objective is to give employers a better idea of where they stand and what work they might need to do to prevent problems later on.

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Optimization of Legal Expenses

There is never a bad time for your business to reduce avoidable legal, consulting, and CSST-related expenses. With that said, it can be very difficult to figure out just where and how to cut extraneous expenses. The legal field is complex and cutting or cutting back on the wrong services can cost a lot more money in the long run.

 OLS offers a service where we sit down with HR managers or employers and help them develop a plan to cut unneeded expenses down. We craft clear, straightforward plans that are easy to put into place and which either align with or help you to achieve your objectives. However, every client’s situation is unique. Some client’s stand to save a lot of money, while others have already optimized as much as possible and won’t be able to save any more. We will not tell you to do something if there is nothing more to be done. At OLS we pride ourselves on our honesty and efficiency. Ultimately, our goal is to use our expertise and experience to help you cut expenses down without sacrificing your goals or causing you future problems.

What to do

  • Keep careful notes and documentation on everything that is going on
  • Do not gossip about this situation in the workplace
  • Consult a lawyer ASAP to determine: what you want, what the best plan for achieving it is, and how to execute the plan

False harassment claims

A false harassment claim is one of those things that cuts both ways. It diminishes the value of legitimate harassment cases and it can ruin the reputation of the accused. For the accused, a ruined reputation can follow you, damaging your chances of finding another job. It can also be used as cause for dismissal, minimizing the amount of compensation you are owed for job loss.

 If an executive or manager has been falsely accused of harassment this can have long-term implications for them. Harassment is a serious offence. A harassment allegation is something which can follow you. If an accusation of harassment is based on allegations which are untrue, out-of-context, or exaggerated, you may wish to fight the allegation and protect your reputation.

 What to do:

  • Get legal counsel immediately
  • Do not discuss this situation with anyone employed by your employer
  • Do not meet with HR or an “independent investigator” without first getting legal advice
  • Do not confront the victim
  • Do not attempt to resolve the situation yourself
  • Do not attempt to influence anyone’s testimony
  • Do not retaliate against anyone involved in the harassment inquiry

 Harassment is a serious issue that deserves to be taken seriously. By making sure legitimate harassment claims are resolved and false harassment claims are disproven, it is the best way to make very unfair circumstances as fair as possible. Everyone has the right to an environment free of harassment. In an employment context, this means a workplace and work activities free of harassment, false accusations, and retaliation for everyone.