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Are you looking for a law firm specializing in labour and employment law? No more worries about this, because OLS, an expert in labour law, is at your disposal to offer you legal aid on Canadian territory and more specifically in the city of Laval. No matter what employment law issues you are exposed to, we are committed to finding you unique solutions effectively. Discover in the rest of this article, the different services we offer in Laval to employees facing dismissal, discrimination or harassment, withour expert labor lawyers in Laval.

Labour and Employment Lawyers –

Dismissal of senior management in Laval

First of all, it should be emphasized that companies give a heavy responsibility to an executive or manager. It goes without saying that he is considered a senior executive of the said company. Under these conditions, it is normal for the dismissal of senior management to involve a major stake.

If you are about to undergo such an act, it is advisable to resort to the service of a law firm. This approach is beneficial to you as all your claims must meet a deadline well specified by law. And there is only one specialist in labour law to accompany you in this procedure if you are in Saint-Nicolas, Hilard or Avesnières.

To this end, our firm, a specialist in labour law in Laval, opens its doors to you to give you a chance to benefit from fair treatment.

Constructive dismissal in Laval

The constructive dismissal is a ruse on the part of employers in Thévalles (Laval). In reality, the dismissal of an employee exposes the employer, in most cases, to legal sanctions. That’s why they choose the method of hidden dismissal in order to push the employee to leave of his own free will.

For example, they may make an unjustified wage reduction. Thus, given your severance condition, they will consider that you are not entitled to any severance pay. This should not be the case.

Even in this situation, we stand out as a reference in the field. We are aware that everyone has the right to employment. That’s why we employ a proactive and practical approach to find you a better compensation.

Wrongful dismissal in Laval

If you happen to lose your job for an illegitimate reason, it is a wrongful dismissal. When one is forced to resign on the basis of a false accusation, it is normal to take the necessary steps for a legal claim.

For this kind of situation, OLS offers its services throughout the city of Laval to find you financial compensation.

Age discrimination in Laval

Age discrimination is the fact that you are being abused because of your age (you are considered either too young or too old to perform the missions). It is therefore easy to witness isolation when the employee is marginalized at work. Generally, older managers are most vulnerable to this kind of discrimination. To justify themselves, employers feel that they no longer have a modern vision of things.

Engaged in the field of labour law for years, we are available to help you overcome this difficulty in Pritz (Laval). We have the ability to rid employees of these concerns of differentiation or age preference in your workplace.

Harassment in Laval

In the city of Laval, harassment has become the daily life of all employees in the workplace. This is inappropriate behavior that deserves to be banned from the entire city. There are all kinds of them. It may be a question of:

  • Sexual harassment,
  • Physical harassment,
  • Psychological or verbal harassment,
  • A threat,
  • Intimidation.

Whatever its form, it is a wrongdoing by law. If you are a victim of it by a senior manager or a group of collaborators, you can contact our law firm. With our expertise in the field of employment law, we are in the best position to obtain damages based on the damage suffered. Do not hesitate to contact OLS who intervenes in Crossardière or Pavement (Laval).