Employment law lawyer in Marguerite-D’youville

Marguerite-D’youville is a city in Quebec where there are law firms specializing in labour law. One of these firms is OLS, which stands out in particular for the quality of its services. Indeed, we intervene in several cases relating to the infringement of the rights of an employee in these cities. Thus, you can call us when you have a problem on this plan. To learn more about the different services offered by this firm, read this article.

Labour and Employment Lawyers –

dismissal in Marguerite-D’youville

Executive dismissal concerns the most important members of a company. When this happens, they regain their damaged reputation. This is a situation that can have negative impacts on their professional life. Thus, once you are the victim of the dismissal of senior management, you must call on a lawyer specializing in the field of labour law.

You could then benefit from the expertise of the latter to help you obtain compensation. This is an approach that you must take very early, as soon as you are fired. Indeed, the time limit for filing appeals in these types of situations is short. That’s why you have to be diligent, if you want to have compensation.

In addition to the fact that the lawyer can help you obtain financial compensation, he can also act and help you in other ways. For example, it can lead your employer to find you a new job. Do not hesitate to get closer to OLS when you find yourself in such a situation. With us, we master all the workings or subtleties of labour law. We will provide you with the necessary assistance.

Intervention service in the event of constructive dismissal in Marguerite-D’youville

Constructive dismissal is a very common form of dismissal in companies in Marguerite-D’youville. It is a dismissal that only benefits the employer. It is done discreetly without the employee not realizing that he is fired. Thus, when you suffer such an injustice, you must quickly call on a law firm specializing in labor law. You could therefore benefit from good support and quickly file your appeal before the deadline.

Indeed, the time limits for filing appeals in the event of constructive dismissal are relatively short. To avoid being struck by this, quickly call on one of our lawyers specializing in labor law. There are warning signs of constructive dismissal. You need to know them to quickly make your arrangements when the time comes. These are:

  • Reduction of salary;
  • The reduction of the title;
  • The change of bonus plan;
  • Reduction of responsibilities, etc.

Wrongful dismissal intervention service in Marguerite-D’youville

Dismissal is not always justified. Indeed, it may happen that you are wrongly dismissed, on the basis of unfounded elements. This type of dismissal can take many forms. Thus, you may have been forced to resign. On the other hand, if you have been dismissed for a legal reason that is false, then you are the victim of wrongful dismissal.

When you experience this in a company in the city of Marguerite-D’youville, you must call on one of our professionals who works in this sector. Thanks to our 75 years of experience, you will be able to obtain severance pay, and benefit from other considerable benefits.

Age Discrimination Intervention Service in Marguerite-D’youville

In this city with an area of 405.9 km2, it is not uncommon to notice cases of discrimination on grounds of age. These are unfair behaviours, of which the elderly in companies are victims. Thus, if you find yourself in this position, you must use the service of a law firm specializing in labor law.

At OLS, we are in a comfortable position in this area. However, you need to know beforehand, what are the warning signs of this phenomenon. As a result, you may be discriminated against on the basis of age in the following cases:

  • Your colleagues talk to you all the time about retirement;
  • You are demoted;
  • You no longer participate in decision-making meetings;
  • You are always encouraged to resign by other employees…

By calling on our lawyer specializing in labor law, you can obtain compensation.

Harassment Intervention Service in Marguerite-D'youville

For cases of harassment in Marguerite-D’youville, you can also call on OLS. Our support and accompaniment are flawless in this case. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see situations of harassment in some companies in the city. This is an inconvenient situation that can have repercussions on the victim’s professional life.

That’s why it’s important to call on our law firm to get redress. However, be careful not to make false accusations. This could have more serious consequences on your professional life.