Employment and Labour Lawyers in West Island

There is no shortage of conflicts between the employer and its employees on West Island. And such disputes can lead to dismissal of any kind, age discrimination and harassment. The safest way to settle them is to seek the services of an employment law firm like OLS that is fully familiar with the country’s legislation.

Labour and Employment Lawyers

Dismissal of senior management on West Island

The dismissal of senior management is the dismissal of a senior executive of a company. The dismissal of senior managers is a bit tricky. It is not often easy since they are not ordinary employees. In reality, it involves many parameters namely: money, reputation, the type of treatment to be applied…

When faced with a case of dismissal of senior management, there is a period of time to make claims. As soon as this time is exhausted, your silence is considered an act of consent. You must therefore take the necessary precautions as soon as you see a situation of dismissal coming. There are small warning signs of this kind of dismissal:/p>

  • You observe a kind of decrease in trust between the employer and you;
  • Your employer reduces your responsibilities for no reason…

When you notice these clues, you must at the same time contact our firm which operates in the West Island.

Constructive dismissal on West Island

Constructive dismissal is a ruse used by some employers to get rid of their employees without having to pay them compensation. Constructive dismissal, from a legal point of view, is when the employer performs a series of specific acts, the objective of which is to induce the employee to voluntarily leave his or her position.

This practice is illegal because it does not allow the employee to benefit from the compensation due to him in the event of dismissal. Here are some signs of a veiled dismissal: the sharp reduction of salary and the reduction of responsibilities. Therefore, the best action to take is to contact OLS, your law firm specializing in labor and employment law.

Wrongful dismissal in West Island

Wrongful dismissal is one of the many cases of unfair dismissal that occur in the workplace. In reality, wrongful dismissal occurs when a senior manager or employee is fired from a company for reasons that are not legitimate.

You should not confuse it with cases of constructive dismissal, which is the fact that an employer performs a series of abnormal acts in order to make you leave of his own free will.

However, in either of these cases, be aware that you are entitled to demand compensation or recovery from your employer when the proof of your dismissal is not legally valid. You can, to have better information on these different cases of dismissal, rely on the expertise of OLS.

Age discrimination in the West Island

We refers to age discrimination when an employee (a senior manager or a simple managing officer) is treated negatively or unfavourably because of their lower or very advanced age. Indeed, the latter is regularly harassed, disadvantaged, marginalized, isolated, by his employer compared to his colleagues, and this without any serious justification. For example, an employer may justify the exclusion of an employee on the unfounded pretext that he or she does not embody modernity.

When you are discriminated against on the basis of your age or when you see such a situation coming, the first thing to do is to seek advice from a lawyer as soon as possible. Our lawyers are at your disposal in West Island.

Harassment in West Island

We refers to harassment in the workplace when a person (an employer, senior manager or co-worker) performs one or more inappropriate acts that negatively affect a worker or co-worker. It can manifest itself in various acts namely: intimidation, threats, humiliations of all forms, comments, aggressive displays and any other inappropriate behavior… However, the company should be free from all forms of violence and reprisals.

Harassment can be verbal, psychological, sexual or even physical… OLS is the West Island-based law firm that works hard to help employees who are victims of all types of harassment defend themselves or obtain redress. In short, with us, you have the assurance of having justice.