Global Solutions

OLS is a labour and employment law firm and we are primarily focused on the law. With that said, our years of experience in labour and employment have given us valuable insight into businesses, best business practices and best business structures. We are very conscious of how every aspect of a business interacts and that in order to prevent problems you must look at the whole picture.

 Accordingly, we will help businesses, start-ups, HR, non-profits, school boards & other administrative entities with assistance in developing global solutions. Our goal is to create a better working environment for everyone involved, craft clear expectations to minimize miscommunications, and ultimately prevent as many potential problems as possible.


OLS does accept referred clients where we feel we can be of assistance. When contacting us, please make sure to let us know who referred you to us and who they referred you to, as well as the circumstances of your case. This will allow us to better assess your situation and determine whether our services will be beneficial to you.

Advisory Services

OLS, and many lawyers at OLS, have served in an advisory capacity in numerous circumstances: non-profits, committees, school boards, corporations, estates… We have even provided second opinions on legal issues. Our lawyers have over 40 years of experience in labour and employment law. Our advice often helps prevent problems.

 If you’d like to contact OLS about our advisory services, please tell us clearly what you would like us to advise you about. Is it a second opinion? A permanent advisory role? Outline for us the scope of what it is you are requesting. That is the most efficient way for us to evaluate if we can be of assistance.