Wrongful Dismissal / Without cause

What is wrongful dismissal?

Wrongful dismissal covers many different situations. If an executive or manager has lost their job for any reason other than a legitimate one, then they have been wrongfully dismissed. Circumstances for wrongful dismissal can include (but are not limited to):

 Wrongful dismissal can take many forms. If you have been forced to quit rather than be dismissed outright, this is known as constructive dismissal. If you have been dismissed for a legitimate legal reason that is not factually true, this is wrongful dismissal.

 As with many areas of dismissal, there are a number of circumstances under which wrongful dismissal have very short delays for you to file a claim. It is important for you to get legal advice from a wrongful dismissal lawyer immediately, and to relay all the information they need to give you an assessment.

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If you are an executive or manager who was recruited for a role and then told within a short period of time that your position was abolished or would not come into effect as the direction of the company has changed, or you were dismissed outright, then you have a case for wrongful dismissal. The nature of the recruitment and then dismissal (or abolished position) is like a bait and switch. So, regardless of the fact that you only worked at that company for a short period of time, the recruitment may open up a door to a substantive remedy.

What to do in case of Wrongful Dismissal

No matter what type of dismissal you have been subjected to, you have rights under the law and you should consult a wrongful dismissal lawyer. A wrongful dismissal lawyer can help you with financial compensation and possibly either reintegration or forcing your employer to help you find a new job. There are a number of remedies available to you, but some circumstances have extremely short delays before you lose legal claim.