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Our labour lawyers in Montreal from OLS, are at your disposal to defend your rights on various occasions. In this case, we have been dealing with cases of dismissal, discrimination and harassment for over 75 years. Here is an overview of our services.

Labour & employment lawyers in Montreal

Whether in Centre-Ville or André-Grasset, the executives of a company are not ordinary employees and therefore cannot be the subject of a classic dismissal. They have somewhat important rights and therefore, a dismissal can be detrimental to the company. Indeed, with these positions, there is a high degree of responsibility and trust, which means that the stakes are not the same as ordinary employees. In addition, it should be noted that the dismissal of senior management involves concerns such as finding a new job, reputation, fair treatment and money.
If you are in such cases, contact our employment law firm OLS. We deploy our competence to quickly take charge of the case, because the time to claim is too short in terms of dismissal of executives in Montreal.

Constructive dismissal in Montreal

Constructive dismissal is a form of unofficial dismissal. This is a technique that pushes the employee to leave himself, because he would feel less important. As a result, the employer will not have to pay severance pay.

It should be noted that the dismissal of an employee under these conditions is very advantageous for employers. When they are not caught, employers let employees leave empty-handed without severance pay. Therefore, employers retain the compensation and all the considerations that employees should have in the event of a formal dismissal.

In this case, you have rights and you must therefore use a law firm specializing in labor law like ours. Indeed, the help of our firm is necessary, because the conditions of a constructive dismissal evolve according to the case. We have already encountered several cases in Pierrefonds, in the Latin Quarter… And we are better off at helping you. Just contact us!

Wrongful dismissal in Montreal

Wrongful dismissal is a roundabout way in which an employer dismisses an employee. These are not legitimate reasons. These grounds include the elimination of the worker’s position, harassment and discrimination.

In any case, you have rights to assert. It is at this level that our law firm OLS of Montreal intervenes for a legal claim. We provide you with an expert lawyer in wrongful dismissal who helps you obtain financial compensation or fair severance pay from your employer.

Age discrimination in Montreal

Discriminationon grounds of age is defined as exclusion, exclusion from an executive in a company. In other words, a person is treated illegally because of their age. This age-based phenomenon can lead to other problems in the company such as dismissal on the basis of age. In general, this kind of dismissal is unfair.

When you are in such a situation in a company in Ahuntsic or Cartierville, the best solution would be to call on the OLS law firm. The latter will analyze the situation in order to put at your disposal the best experts in labor law and you have a better chance of winning.

Harassment in Montreal

On speaks of harassment of an executive in his workplace, when the latter is under physical or moral pressure from his superior. In general, this pressure goes beyond the scope of the work and also affects the integrity of the victim. This is a reprehensible fact.

In other words, in labour law, harassment is the set of inappropriate behaviours of one person towards another. Most of the time, the latter is a subordinate or an employee. These acts are characterized by verbal, physical, touching or backbiting. Sometimes the case may be minimal, but when it is repetitive, then it becomes more serious. For others, just the first time can be a serious case. To be more explicit, note that harassment is determined based on the severity of the act. There are several cases of harassment such as psychological harassment, physical harassment and sexual harassment.

When you are in such circumstances in Montreal, you can count on the advice of the professionals of our OLS firm to obtain justice.

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