CNESST/CSST Cost and Benefit Optimization

What is CSST optimization? It’s maximizing your benefits without overspending or underspending on either legal fees or CSST claims themselves. If you contested every claim you would be overspending on legal fees, and you wouldn’t even have a perfect success rate. Some CSST claims are valid. However, if you underspend on legal fees and don’t contest enough claims you will overspend on CSST claims. It’s an area where it’s important to walk the line and get things just right.

A few of the factors we use to help you develop an optimized approach to your CSST are:

  • Employer’s circumstances
    • Number of employees
    • Employer’s organizational objectives
    • Employer’s current CSST rate
  • Potential gains vs potential costs to employer
  • Chances of success to contestation
  • Viable alternatives

Every case requires a unique approach taking into account the specificities of that particular case to ensure the best result.

CNESST/CSST Turnarounds

CSST costs are significant not just in the claims that are paid out but also in premiums. If CSST is not properly managed it can cost businesses a lot of money.

 OLS works with employers to turn around CSST costs. We work with your organizational structures and take into account your organization’s objectives, strengths and weaknesses. We use your knowledge of your business to help you get a handle on CSST costs so you save money in the future.

 Very, very rarely CSST costs can be recouped retroactively. This requires very specific circumstances and a successful contestation. Most businesses should not expect this to occur. However, the future savings alone are significant and should not be ignored.

CNESST/CSST for Professionals

CSST is a very complex area and most clients rely on professionals for advice. Accountants and organizational development consultants are in a position to offer clients valuable advice.

Your Expert Labour and Employment Lawyers in Montreal, Laval and West Island

We work alongside accountants and financial managers to help clients save money. Law and accounting are separate areas of expertise that each provide a very valuable function, particularly with regards to CSST. We help train clients and financial managers to spot the potential areas of saving with regards to CSST, by teaching them:

  • How to be aware of exactly how much CSST is costing them altogether
  • How to analyze their CSST performance
  • How to manage and improve their CSST performance

Traditionally, CSST has been seen as solely a legal problem and accountants have been left out of the loop. We take a different approach. We recognize that CSST requires a legal approach on a number of areas:

  • Procedural knowledge
  • CSST mediation experience
  • CSST litigation experience

CSST is highly specialized. However, CSST also requires financial analysis, financial oversight and performance management. The people who are in the best position to provide that are accountants and financial managers. These are complementary skill sets and by working together, lawyers and financial managers can provide clients with a valuable service that saves clients money on premiums and helps them regain increased productivity.