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The legal relationship between the employer and the employee in Fermont is not always good. For one reason or another, the rights and duties between the two parties are no longer respected. And in most cases, the employer who is in a position of strength tends to harm the employee. Among the injustices that we note are dismissals, discrimination and harassment. If you are in such circumstances, contact the OLS law firm, which has more than 75 years of experience in this field.

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Dismissal of senior management in Fermont

An employee at the head of a company is a senior manager. But in his activity, certain situations can lead to his dismissal. In this delicate position, it is crucial to find a new employer while legitimately enjoying his rights. The treatment of ordinary employees and that of managers differs in Fermont. In addition, the duration for claims is short, so it is detrimental to waste time.

To the extent that the executive dismissal at Fermont is unfounded, a legal procedure is capable of requiring the reinstatement of the employee to his duties as well as compensation. When it is effective, a claim of rights allows to benefit from a severance pay. Whether or not it is a question of finding a new job immediately, substantial legal assistance is needed. In any case, we are at your disposal to guide and defend you.

Constructive dismissal in Fermont

Constructive dismissal is a difficult situation. It consists in labour law in Quebec to dismiss an employee without doing so officially. The employer takes the unilateral decision to modify the major clauses of the employee’s employment contract. Result: if this state of affairs does not please the latter, he leaves his job and does not get compensation. From there, the employer appropriates all the benefits. When this situation arises in a company in the city of Fermont, the dismissed employee can count on our firm for fair treatment. Keep in mind that the response time is short. So, contact OLS quickly.

Wrongful dismissal in Fermont

Wrongful dismissal occurs when you have been dismissed for an unfounded legitimate reason. There are no objective and serious reasons. You have different types of wrongful dismissal. For example, when an employer forces a worker to resign. And all this is done in the absence of unofficial evidence. Elements that may justify constructive dismissal include false accusations, harassment and discrimination. There is no shortage of these kinds of situations in Fermont. Therefore, to be sure to get justice, you have to choose our law firm. In fact, OLS has over 7 decades of experience in this field. We have already encountered several cases and know how to help you in a reactive and pragmatic way.

Age discrimination in Fermont

Age discrimination is the fact of having an age preference. A worker is sidelined because of his youth or because he is too old. This can lead to harassment or dismissal on the grounds of age. We are talking about an illegal norm that leads, of course, to deprivation of rights.

There are many warning signs of this offence. In the first place, under pressure, you are forced to resign from your position. If this is the case, remain calm and continue to respect the clauses of your employment contract. After which you experience notorious marginalization at work. Hold on, you are sidelined from the decisions made. Or, your position is deleted without any warning.

In case you are in these conditions, call on our team that intervenes in Fermont to enjoy a legal claim.

Age discrimination in Beauharnois-Salaberry: OLS secures your job

In labour and employment law in Quebec, harassment is an embarrassing behaviour of a person or group of people towards a subordinate or group in the workplace. These are gossiping acts such as reprisals, threats and physical or verbal violence. The different forms of harassment that can be found in a company in Fermont are sexual harassment, physical harassment and psychological harassment.

Based in this city, our law firm’s role is to help you. With our experts in this field, you win your case.