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Executives and Managers want to make the most of every career opportunity and prevent problems when they arise. When an excellent opportunity arises, Executives and Managers want to take advantage of their bargaining position and ensure an Employment contract which is favourable, gives them security and allows them to maximize their earning power.
When a problem arises at work or you are let go, the experience can be terrifying. It is often difficult to know exactly who to turn to for advice. Often, it feels as if the world is caving in or as if your career is over. It isn’t. With the right advice, you can be enabled to move forward with your career. There is usually a lot at stake, a lot of decisions to make and a very brief delay in which to make these significant decisions. You need reliable, expert advice to ensure that you can make the best decision and move forward confidently. We understand where you are coming from and we are experts in the area of Executive Employment and Dismissal Law. We provide you experienced and reliable advice which help you navigate the area of Executive Employment and Dismissal. Whether you are looking for help with a complaint made against you or a disciplinary issue at work, advice regarding a difficult situation at work or services related to being constructively dismissed or let go, we are able to provide superior quality services customized to your goals and your needs.


Our Services include:

– Contract building and negotiating
– Immediate intervention in the event of workplace problems
– Reputation protection to ensure that the Executive can be rehired
– Negotiating with the company for leave
– Negotiating with the company on the Executive’s behalf in the event of blocked advancement options, missing bonuses, discipline, and dismissal
– Negotiation of a just departure package
– Evaluation of proposed departure packages or severance contracts
– Litigation to ensure just departure packages and financial compensation or job reinstatement

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