Checklists for Executives

There are many things you need to share with a lawyer to receive an assessment, and for a lawyer to prepare for a call with you. Each checklist is laid out below with a downloadable document for your convenience.

Circumstances to share with employment lawyer

  • Age 
  • Years of service 
  • Compensation  
  • Benefits 
  • Position held 
  • Ease of replacing position (for you) 
  • Time of year when the termination occurred 
  • Circumstances of the dismissal 
  • Organizational culture of the company 
  • Economic circumstances 
  • Whether there is any reputational damage 
  • Any other factors you think may be relevant 

      Documents to gather for employment lawyer 

      • A brief summary of what you were earning and how it is broken down:  
      • base,  
      • bonuses/STIP,  
      • RSUs/PSUs/Stock options/LTIPs, 
      • benefits,  
      • car allowance,  
      • RRSPs,  
      • other perks or advantages,  
      • etc… 
      • Your T4’s and RIs for the last two fiscal years
      • Any copies of your employment contract

      Do Not’s

      • Sign anything before consulting legal counsel
      • Delay in consulting a lawyer (especially after you’ve been dismissed)
      • Discuss the situation with anyone currently employed by your employer
      • Discuss your situation with anyone in HR
      • Request any documents from your employer if you are unable to find them yourself
      • Attempt to handle the situation yourself