CSST/What is CSST?

cSST is one of the most complex and confusing areas of labour law. The stakes are high, the issues are confusing, the costs are hidden, and the process is highly technical and procedural. Many businesses are unaware of exactly how much CSST is costing them per year and exactly how much they ought to be saving.
The CSST is a governmental organization with a social goal to ensure that all Employees injured in Workplace related accidents or suffering from professional injuries receive full compensation. It is funded almost entirely by Employers like you. The CSST assesses you a premium which you, the Employer must pay. Your participation in CSST is not voluntary. You may not realize how CSST costs are calculated and just how significantly you play a role in determining your own CSST costs.
CSST is calculated principally by looking at three factors:
The size of the Employer’s payroll
The dangers associated with the Employer’s industry in General (ex. Office worker vs. steelworker)
The Employer’s performance.
Employees receive compensation from the CSST by submitting a claim against you. The more claims are made against you and the more those claims cost, the more your premiums will rise.
You are entirely responsible for your performance. Employees receive compensation from the CSST by submitting a claim against you. The more claims are made against you and the more those claims cost, the more your premiums will rise. The CSST expects you to manage and contest all claims made against them by yourself. CSST premiums are calculated so that a successful claim against you results in your premiums being increased for multiple years. Therefore, a successful claim will cause your premiums to rise not only for one year, but for four years.

Our Services for CSST Issues

OLS are CSST management, negotiation and litigation experts. We offer you CSST cost reduction and awareness services. We take a completely different approach to CSST management, negotiation and litigation. Our approach is based on:


Customization. We customize our approach to your needs, goals, objectives and organizational structure.


Cooperation with other professionals. We value the work of other professionals. By combining our skills and knowledge, we are able to deliver to you, the best results.


Clarity. CSST is a complex and multidimensional area. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the depths of CSST, while still providing you with comprehensive and comprehensible answers.


Optimization. Our approach to CSST focuses on obtaining the best possible results for CSST, based upon your goals and objectives. At the same time, we pride ourselves on our ability to avoid inefficient or wasteful endeavours.


Results. No one can accomplish the impossible, but it is important to excel and maximize results within the realm of what is possible. The ideal results must be customized to your particular situation; it is not enough to simply provide good general solutions to problems that Employers generally face.

If you are unaware of what CSST is costing you, we provide CSST awareness services and explain exactly how much CSST is costing you and what specific steps you can take in order to save significant amounts of money. We then help you to develop the most cost-effective strategy, personalized to your needs in order to help you.

If you are aware of CSST, we provide you optimization services. Our optimization services are highly personalized and focused services which enable you to save the maximum amount possible on CSST and spend the minimum amount possible in order to do it.

If you are a professional, we provide co-operative services where we work with you in order to help you provide valuable CSST services to your clients. Our approach is to help you apply your valuable skills and professional knowledge to help your clients save significantly on CSST. The result is that both OLS and you provide complementary and valuable services to your clients which save your clients significant amounts of money on their CSST.