Labour and Employment issues with Large Businesses

Large Businesses manage their labour and employment issues though HR departments. The fact that an HR department requires a significant volume of labour and employment services does not mean they should be overpaying for those services. As we have seen in recent times, even the largest businesses can suffer from extreme financial difficulties or from financial reversals. Regrettably, large businesses are often very willing to cut their administrative and HR budgets first. HR departments in particular are often left with scant resources to accomplish all that is expected of them. We are able to help your HR department of your large business by providing excellent quality labour and employment legal services at efficient and reasonable costs.
Undoubtedly, an HR department needs high quality labour services. But there is no reason that you should be overpaying for those services. Our excellent services are based on helping your large HR department obtain excellent productivity and significantly cut your costs at the same time. We also offer advisory services designed to help your HR department work within budget cuts, without having to sacrifice performance. We pride ourselves on our ability to help your HR department make budget cuts as non-disruptive as possible.

OLS proactive legal solutions include:

  • Building contracts with Employees and Unions
  • Minimizing workplace injury claims
  • Minimizing employee absenteeism
  • Cutting CSST costs through negotiation and litigation
  • Negotiating with unions
  • Advising you on dealing with problematic employees (this includes how to recognize potential employee problems as well as how to deal with employees once they have become a problem)
  • Procedures for disciplining or dismissing employees
  • Writing handbooks, rulebooks and Employee job descriptions
  • Mediations and arbitrations with unions
  • Investigating claims of sexual or psychological harassment
  • Dealing with non-competition and non-solicitation issues
  • Helping you implement programs
  • Helping you with lay-offs and outsourcing
  • Defending and validating your decisions in mediation, arbitration and court

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